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Cubbies and Bookshelves

Our room used to be the school's library so it has a ton of built in bookshelves and cubbies. Well these bookshelves are old and ugly brown.


So we use bulletin board paper as backings. It takes a lot of tape to keep them up but they typically last an entire school year. We did have one come down right before Christmas this past year. On the last day of school Heather and I had to empty our room so the floors could be cleaned. We decided to go ahead and take this time to take down the old bulletin board papers as well. Most were drawn on, ripped, and needed to be replaced (the above photo was taken after this occured). Our shelves luckily are the perfect width and bulletin board paper fits perfectly in each section. Each center/cubbie section had a different color.

Here are two of our boys hiding in their cubbies. They love their cubbies. They know to put anything of theirs in their cubbie and they are also a comfort spot for them. They sit in them quite frequently, especially when mad/wanting to be alone. This day, an early day in June, they were playing. Each child has their own cubbie with a shelve above and below. They have a nametag tapped to the bottom of the cubby which I change four or five times a year. At the beginning of the year they colored crayon patterns. For Halloween/fall they had pumpkins. For winter they had either a snowman or a penguin. In February they painted hearts for them and in March they painted shamrocks. For the spring I colored the ones in the picture, 10 green frogs sitting on green lillypads. I think I used up every green marker we have. They liked coming back from school and seeing something different in their cubbies and comparing what they each had. Beneath their cubby on the shelf we put their bag of extra clothing. Not all of them bring extra clothes. On the shelf above is where we put papers, etc. that we haven't gotten a chance to put in their bookbags.

The smiley faces to be explained at a further time.

Growing Plants

Two posts in one day! Go me!

In April we decided to have our boys plant seeds as part of our Spring theme. We used potting soil, random wildflower seeds we somehow acquired, and Breyer's 100 calorie yogurt cups.

I took craft sticks/popsicle sticks, stuck a foam flower sticker to the end, and wrote everyone's names on the flowers to stick in so we knew whose was whose (because believe me, they asked!) We did this on a Thursday and by Monday morning we had sprouts! And we really weren't expecting anything to happen. Every other day we handed out the plants and the boys counted how many plants they had. After the first time the answers started becoming 100, 2 million, too many, 1001 (I really got this response from one of them!) but they still were actively looking and understanding their plants.

Heather and I decided to send the plants home as Mother's Day presents so we replanted them in cheep colored plastic cups from Wal-Mart. The moms really enjoyed them and the boys were proud of what they had done!

Storybook Camp schedule and activities

The specialty camp I am working at this coming week is called Storybook Camp and it is for 3 and a half to 5 year olds from 9am-12pm. My coworker and friend Heather created the schedule and lesson plans for this camp. I have since altered them somewhat to fit how I need to run the program. For example, she put in a ten minute bathroom break for and after outside play. Well the room we'll be in has a bathroom attached to it and I will have another person in the room with me so scheduled breaks are unnecessary. Also, she had the theme set as nursery rhymes and in my opinion nursery rhymes aren't books. So I changed the rhymes to the music of the day and found books with similar animals/themes as the activities. Getting these lesson plans done had actually been a bit of a struggle. She was going to use Dr. Suess books but I had to convince her that just because the book looks like a Dr. Suess book (ie Bears on Wheels) that doesn't mean it is a Dr. Suess book. Anywho, after the changes and such the following is what I am using for my camp. there are no authors listed with the first set of books and the activities aren't explained but if you would like to see a more in-depth lesson plan I will gladly post it.
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A bit about the "other mod" (intro post)

Greetings! I'm so glad to have stumbled upon this fine community a while ago. I had never expected to become a mod, but after realizing how much Shannon and I had in common in terms of taste in blogs and other reading, maybe it'll turn out well - who knows? ^^

My name's Katherine, but I prefer to go by Kath. I'm sixteen years old and have been fascinated with the psychology and media of young children for quite a few years. From an early age, I've always shown passionate interest in the processes of thought and perception, particularly in people younger than myself. I often questioned the ways people did or said certain things and willingly expressed my thoughts on how the things could be said or done differently. Granted, this was partly due to a slight chemical imbalance I have, as evidenced by some of the more trifling instances (for example, when someone used the word "bunny" instead of "rabbit" or placed their hands on their head in choreography), but others have credited much of it to a desire for a deeper understanding.

I credit a great deal of this to my early exposure to children's media, particularly preschool television, and to this day I view that exposure as a component in what was then my personal balance of enrichment. When set in proportion with hands-on play and learning activities, I believe my early media experience helped shape my childhood thought process and outlook on life.

Having reflected on these ideas off and on for the last few years, I confirmed earlier this year that I would aspire for a position in the children's media field. I decided to begin my research now and move one step at a time toward reaching my ultimate goal - to become a consultant for an organization such as Sesame Workshop. I'll be taking on my first crucial steps this and the following two summers as I shadow a local childcare provider, and the year prior to leaving for college I'd like to open my own in-home service, tentatively named Wildflower Playcare, and truly break the mold of conventional minimal-media childcare.

As the next chapter in my childcare saga unfolds, I hope to look to the community as an invaluable resource and inspiration to press forward. Once again, I'm thrilled to have discovered this community and am looking forward to helping out any way I can. ^^


Well summer camp preparation has begun for me and it is quite a strange experience. I have worked for this company for nearly 2 years but because of circumstances I've never had to be there at the beginning of a room/program so I had NO clue what to do today. Add on the fact that I am solely responsible for 2 camps, a one week specialty camp and my regular all summer camp, and you can guess what my day was like. I'll post some pictures soon, I just seemed to take this on at a bad time.



Please post all general suggestions, questions, and comments about the community here.Thanks!


Welcome to the community! Posts will be moderated for a while till I can find some trust worthy people to help out. I hope this community is helpful!