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A bit about the "other mod" (intro post)

Greetings! I'm so glad to have stumbled upon this fine community a while ago. I had never expected to become a mod, but after realizing how much Shannon and I had in common in terms of taste in blogs and other reading, maybe it'll turn out well - who knows? ^^

My name's Katherine, but I prefer to go by Kath. I'm sixteen years old and have been fascinated with the psychology and media of young children for quite a few years. From an early age, I've always shown passionate interest in the processes of thought and perception, particularly in people younger than myself. I often questioned the ways people did or said certain things and willingly expressed my thoughts on how the things could be said or done differently. Granted, this was partly due to a slight chemical imbalance I have, as evidenced by some of the more trifling instances (for example, when someone used the word "bunny" instead of "rabbit" or placed their hands on their head in choreography), but others have credited much of it to a desire for a deeper understanding.

I credit a great deal of this to my early exposure to children's media, particularly preschool television, and to this day I view that exposure as a component in what was then my personal balance of enrichment. When set in proportion with hands-on play and learning activities, I believe my early media experience helped shape my childhood thought process and outlook on life.

Having reflected on these ideas off and on for the last few years, I confirmed earlier this year that I would aspire for a position in the children's media field. I decided to begin my research now and move one step at a time toward reaching my ultimate goal - to become a consultant for an organization such as Sesame Workshop. I'll be taking on my first crucial steps this and the following two summers as I shadow a local childcare provider, and the year prior to leaving for college I'd like to open my own in-home service, tentatively named Wildflower Playcare, and truly break the mold of conventional minimal-media childcare.

As the next chapter in my childcare saga unfolds, I hope to look to the community as an invaluable resource and inspiration to press forward. Once again, I'm thrilled to have discovered this community and am looking forward to helping out any way I can. ^^


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